Based in North London, clearandgo.co.uk is a registered waste management company that has been trading successfully for over 3 years.

About Us!

Clear and Go operates a waste management and recycling service throughout London.  We have been collecting general waste and removing garbage since 2010. We work very closely with Restaurants, retail shops and stores, industrial estates, hotels and offices – businesses of all size and type.

By using our own vehicles along with a network of approved suppliers we tailor-make packages for companies to ensure the most cost effective and efficient recycling and disposal procedures are in place.

The waste management industry has changed dramatically over the last few years.  The cost for recycling materials or processing them for reuse is far lower and environmentally friendlier than disposal at landfill.

We know that time spent not serving your customer is time wasted. Clear and Go’s unique and modern approach to waste and resource management has seen us grow to become one of London’s growing companies in this field.